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Default What have been your funniest or worst restaurant experiences so far?

On Sat, 26 Nov 2005 05:55:01 -0600, "jmcquown"

Rob wrote:
Irrespective of the location, what have been your worst or funniest
restaurant experiences you've had so far - as in the food and service
both being extremely terrible, or being very good, but something else

I have one which occurred while *working* at a restaurant. First of all,
don't attempt to fool someone if you don't know how things work at the back
of the house.

Drink glasses (excepting bar glasses) go into the commercial dishwasher rack
open side down. So don't you dare try to tell me there's a screw in your
iced tea when gravity and the freshly washed glasses says there's no way a
screw got into your glass.

She demanded to speak to the manager, wanted her meal comp'd. He told her
the same thing I did... sorry lady, there was no screw in the glass when the
iced tea was brought to the table. Even if the dishwasher was falling apart
(which it wasn't), screws don't fall UP.


Once at a Farrells Ice Cream parlor, during a birtday party, my sister
was served a Coke with a baby roach doing the backstroke among the
floating ice cubes. Needless to say that killed the party right there.

They took the Coke off the bill but charged our parents for everything
else. The place closed about a year after that. I wonder why?