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Peter Huebner
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Default What have been your funniest or worst restaurant experiences so far?

In article .com, rt800 says...
Irrespective of the location, what have been your worst or funniest
restaurant experiences you've had so far - as in the food and service
both being extremely terrible, or being very good, but something else

Our neighbours took us out for a thank-you dinner recently (they'd had a dog
attack, lots of killed and maimed sheep, he had to go away and we helped his
partner cope with the carnage) - anyway, they took us to the recently renovated
and renamed 'Copthorne' hotel & restaurant near by.
Talk about pre-****ing-tentious. Oh, it was all made up very swish, a reception
with uniformed receptionists who checked the bookings (for an empty restaurant)
.... the waiter came across like a 17 year old schoolgirl with no previous
waiting experience. /flute "Not a problem!" /flute off every time somebody
addressed her - by mid evening this got extremely annoying. Orders for drinks
that didn't arrive without asking several times -- in an empty restaurant, in
which one other party had arrived meanwhile.
The food was not bad, I'll give them that, my eye fillet was tender and the
sauce was marvellous, but NO side dishes included with that (you gotta be
kidding) so you had to order potatoes extra, vegetables extra, salad extra
"Not a problem!" "Not a problem!" "Not a problem!" groan. Magnifying glass
extra, did I mention you could well've done with a magnifying glass. Nor for
the check, though, the figures on that were very large indeed. I'm just glad I
didn't have to foot the bill, I would've 'spat the dummy' as the saying here
goes ... all packaging and little content.


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