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usual suspect
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Default wife swap vegan episode

Skanky wrote:
The only similarity is that both vegans and the typical Springer
guest are dysfunctional.

Suspect, you have half a brain clearly, but you have the most wretched
social and communication skills possible and if you aren't aware you
come off as the poster pantyboy of Dysfunctional, look at yourself
long and hard in the mirror.

He is clearly intelligent

Thanks for noticing, Bob.

and has incredibly energy to insult people.

Incredible energy, period. I run and ride my bike more than you ever
could've hoped to before you ran out in front of that Mercedes Benz.

What?!?! You're not driving a

I have cars, too. They don't provide me with exercise.

You still haven't been able to show
me why having a car makes one
a better person than not having one.


I suspect by his level of obscenities and insults he is potentially

Amazing you suggest that given your own repeated violent threats:
You're simply an asshole who deserves to
get his ass kicked.
-- Violent Bob, 23 July 2005:

Now try to find an instance in which I've *ever* wished harm upon
another person, you candy-assed loser. You can't find one because I'm
not prone to violence like you are.

You prove repeatedly that you
wish people psychological harm.

Liar. I want people to get better. That's why I've encouraged you to
grow or purchase foods consistent with your own beliefs instead of being
a hypocritical animal killer. I've also encouraged you to get help for
your drug addiction and agoraphobia -- two things detrimental to your
immediate and long-term well-being.

Calling me drug addict is good

I know. It's true.

Rick has admitted drinking beer recreationally,
but I don't see you calling him an alcoholic.

Non sequitur. Rick's drinking hasn't caused him to become an agoraphobic
shut-in like your smoking pot has made you.

Nor do I see you picking
on his overabundant typos

I accept his explanation that he has bad keys on his keyboard.

You want them to feel bad about

You feel bad about yourself because you're a low-grade pothead slacker.

Smoking pot recreationally

Most people engage in other recreational pursuits -- skiing, skating,
running, lifting weights, shopping, etc. You just get ****ed up. And it

Have you ever even tried to be polite?

Yes, ma'am. I'm always polite.

You would have more real life friends too.

I make friends quite easily.

Even in the very
sentences above where you
claim not to wish harm, you call
him a 'candy-assed loser'.

He is one.

Tell me the proof of your insult

It isn't an insult. Look up the quote in which he threatened to kick my
ass, and then the thread in which he backed off and said *someone else*
should do it.