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Default Cranberry Wine from Juice - Recipes?

Thanks for the tip on the 1 gallon part, though I did pick that one up a
while ago. Part of reason I ended up buying this 2 gallon stock pot for a
primary(and actually probably going to go one size bigger, as the Pumpkin
and ZUcchini recipes still almost fillt his, so a couple of times have had
some foam out the top when I was punching it down). Definitely an important
bit of info though for those who haven't caught it yet using his
recipes(Obviously, not as much of an issue if you're using any of his
recipes that are juice only. Will see about finding good source of
cranberries locally though, or uisng some of the cans of cranberries for
juicemaking(think they were from Oregon Fruit company) that local brew shop
carries. I did find a recipe for using juice too, had to go by brew shop
for yeast anyway, and a couple of books there had recipes for cranberry wine
from juice, so picked one up.


"Ray Calvert" wrote in message
You are already looking at Jack's recipes. Check out his high-bush
cranberry recipe

Cranberries are cheap this time of year and easy to process for wine.

I have made it and I think a number of others have as well. Cranberry
makes an excellent wine. A few comments are that cranberry is a powerful
taste. When I make it again I plan to cut the fruit in half and substitute
a can of frozen Welch's Niagara. But that is my plan. You might want to
make it as give the first time.

Another comment, and this pertains to many of Jack's recipes, is that it
is designed to yield 1 gallon of wine, not fill a 1 gallon carboy. If you
multiply it by 6 to set up a 6 gallon carboy you may well end up with 9
gallons of must. But after you rack off the fruit and then off the
sediment you will probably end up with about 6 gallons. Just don't be


"Joel Sprague" wrote in message
news:[email protected]
My sister has asked me for wines made from cranberries, any sort I might
find. I'm looking to do a batch or two from Welch's 100% White-Grape
Cranberry, and I will also be using Jack's Cran-raspberry reccipe from
site. But I was looking for any other suggestions, and also wondering
anyone had a recipe for straight cranberry juice, either using frozen
concentrate(probably welch's again), or using 100% pure orgrnic juice
the bottle purchased at local natural foods store.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.