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Default question re silicone pans

Lisa Hetherington wrote:

I just discovered them and I LOVE the muffin pans...the muffins FALL temp or time changes. And they're perfect!! Easy easy clean up

But...making cupcakes in the muffin pans...they weren't fully cooked and
they didn't fall fact they stuck and didn't all come out...I
sprayed the pan with PAM just like I do for the muffins.

Does anyone have any advice for me?
Are there temp/time changes to be made for cupcakes?

I bought an 8 X 8 pan too, but now I'm a little leery of trying it out.
Any suggestions?

...Lisa in Hamilton, ON, Canada

I heard that you have to wait until the baked goods are completely
cooled before you take them out of the pan. Have you found that to be true?