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Default Good Peanut Butter vs. Bad Peanut Butter

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Most peanut butters that are in supermarkets don't have oil rising
to the top--they are of one consistency. This means that they have

fat", which is very bad for your health--like butter, or beef fat.

You can usually find at least one brand that has the oil floating on
(On the West Coast that brand is "Laura Scudder". ) This is the
good kind. No "Hydrogenated fats or oils". You can stir it up and
it in
the fridge, where it will stay mixed. Or you can leave it on the
give it a stir each time you use it.

Do your children, and yourself, and buy a peanut butter that has the
oil "separated", or floating on top. A nuisance, but so much

I think you are wrong. The oil rising to the top is the result of no
added sugar. Still, you are right in that the natural peanut butter
with the oil on top is healthier.

the peanut butter i bought last week contains only peanuts and salt,
and the oil doesnt rise to the top.

Both Smucker's and Laura Scudder's recommend stirring the contents of the
jar after opening and then storing in the refrigerator. I haven't
noticed a lot of separation with either brand, but there is some. When
kept in the refrigerator, separation is prevented.

it wasn't separated when i bought it. since it has no preservatives, i worry
about it going rancid. which is why , now that it is opened, i keep it in
the fridge



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