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Default Good Peanut Butter vs. Bad Peanut Butter

Peter Aitken wrote:

I think you are wrong. The oil rising to the top is the result of no added
sugar. Still, you are right in that the natural peanut butter with the oil
on top is healthier.

No, she's right. The partially hydrogenated fats keep the oil from
separating out. From the Jif website FAQs:

Is there a huge difference between regular peanut butter and natural
peanut butter?
Peanut butter today is remarkably like that made 100 years ago. All
peanut butter must, by law, contain a minimum of 90% peanuts. Both
natural and regular peanut butters may contain some sugar and salt for
flavoring. Some brands also contain a small amount of stabilizer
(partially hydrogenated vegetable oil) to keep the oil from separating,
which most consumers prefer. This also helps maintain peanut butter

Another common brand is Smucker's, it's what I buy when I buy peanut
butter. Alton Brown on his show about nuts made some cashew butter that
was probably delicious.

Brian Rodenborn