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Default Vietnamese anyone?

"Peter Huebner" > wrote in message

> The other thing I am wondering about is the fish sauce. I remember it as
> quite different from Thai fish sauce which is the only I have been able
> to obtain here in NZ so far. Are they really different, or is my memory
> playing tricks on me?
> If anyone has a good link on how-tos I'd appreciate it. I think I can
> remember well enough what it should taste like to be able to experiment
> successfully with a few memory refreshers.

Authentic Vietnamese Cooking - by Corinne Trang

That resource is a great one. The recipes are classic, simple and

Regarding fish sauce, I consider it essential to the seasoning in certain
dishes. There are a wide variety of fish sauces, from cheap-o to good
quality. Research a good quality fish sauce and it shouldn't overpower your
other ingredients. Have fun.