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Default Vietnamese anyone?

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Peter Huebner > wrote:

> There are a couple of issues, however, where my memory fails. One thing
> is the [pastry] for lack of a better word. A lot of dishes were similar
> to spring rolls, but they were things bundled in a white
> pastry/pasta/whatever and then boiled or steamed rather than deep fried.
> Grab with chopsticks, dunk in fish sauce and eat. Delicious. But I
> cannot for the life of me remember how to make that coating. Rice flour
> and hot water is what has stuck but I am at a loss as to method ?!?

Rice wrappers. I've never met anyone who made them, you buy them at the

> The other thing I am wondering about is the fish sauce. I remember it as
> quite different from Thai fish sauce which is the only I have been able
> to obtain here in NZ so far. Are they really different, or is my memory
> playing tricks on me?

For me, a little fish sauce goes a long ways. I usually ask that it be
omitted. When I get those rolls I ask for peanut sauce instead. Fish
sauce is on the table, in little pots.

We have a nice place a few blocks from our house. At first they were
really cheap but I left hungry. I think you were supposed to order
multiple dishes. Over the years the prices have gone up, along with the
portion size.

Dan Abel

Petaluma, California, USA