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Peter H.M. Brooks
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Moira de Swardt wrote:
"Peter H.M. Brooks" wrote in message

I've made sushi rice a few times in order to make California rolls,
of which I am very fond. Works out to be a very economical starter
for a summer dinner party for 8. Anyway, one of the tricks is the
rapid cooling of the rice. I also use rice vinegar instead of rice
wine and leave out the soy sauce. I wonder how that changes the

I seldom use salt in cooking - when I do, I use what I call Zulu salt
(It says 'Lo Salt' on the bottle), so soy sauce is a bit of a salty
novelty for me.

For the rolls I use smoked salmon, avocado and cucumber. With the
usual dips. Not very enterprising, but it works for even the least
adventurous guests without boring those who like sushimi.

All very nice. I should get some cucumber, that improves the texture nicely.

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