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"Peter H.M. Brooks" wrote in message

I took sushi rice, a few handfuls, added three times their volume

water, some strong Japanese rice wine, a dash or two of soy sauce

gave it fifteen minutes in the microwave (five on megahot, ten on

two). Out came a nicely glutinous but separate rice mixture that I

in the 'fridge for two hours.

I've made sushi rice a few times in order to make California rolls,
of which I am very fond. Works out to be a very economical starter
for a summer dinner party for 8. Anyway, one of the tricks is the
rapid cooling of the rice. I also use rice vinegar instead of rice
wine and leave out the soy sauce. I wonder how that changes the

For the rolls I use smoked salmon, avocado and cucumber. With the
usual dips. Not very enterprising, but it works for even the least
adventurous guests without boring those who like sushimi.

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