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"Peter H.M. Brooks" wrote in message
| While we were in Seoul we came to enjoy the magnificent and ubiquitous
| sushimi. One of the best, and cheapest, treats was the fast-food lunch
| treats. They were only to be found in ethnic Korean supermarkets, so I
| don't know what they should be called in English.
| They were the size of two and a bit packs of cards, in plastic wraps,
| with different colours and Korean text telling you, presumably, what was
| in them. For us, each was a lucky dip and everyone was tasty and a lunch
| time experience.
| On returning, I've tried a few times to recreate these with each attempt
| a failure.
| Finally I've managed to recreate them perfectly. I share my discovery.
| No doubt others have managed this in an appropriately ethnic way, but my
| disaster with the sushi rice on the stove leads me to believe that my
| solution is worth mentioning. If you don't like it then don't do it!
| I took sushi rice, a few handfuls, added three times their volume in
| water, some strong Japanese rice wine, a dash or two of soy sauce and
| gave it fifteen minutes in the microwave (five on megahot, ten on level
| two). Out came a nicely glutinous but separate rice mixture that I put
| in the 'fridge for two hours.
| I had some very fresh tuna from the Salt River market, cut into small
| cubes and lashed with soy sauce, wasabi, pepper, fresh lime juice, and
| Thai fish sauce. I had some very ripe avocado treated the same way.
| I filled a large cup sized bowl with rice, added the tuna and avocado,
| topping it up with rice to the top. This was upended on top of the nori
| that was then wrapped neatly about it making a black parcel.
| Eaten in the hand, it was exactly the taste experience I remember.
| Once you've got this right, adding chillies, anchovies, chives, lemon
| slices, capers or what you will will only enhance the experience.

I guess that it's "gimbap (??)" that you are referring to.

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