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Default It's amazing how in a Vegan group someone could hate a Doctorbecause he's a vegan

Beach Runner wrote:
I don't hate the man. It just seems rather convinient that his
on nutrition
condemn exactly the same foods as his opinions on ethics.

Yet they are published in peer reviewed journals, subject to the
level of criticism.

Be that as it may, his views on nutrition are not entirely mainstream
and just happen to mesh perfectly with his ethics.

He obviously is inspired.

Inspired by what or whom?

He is inspired by a vegan life style

A vegan lifestyle is the antithesis of living an inspired life. He
appears to be a slave to it, and to its rigid orthodoxy.

and obviously loves animals.

I disagree that it's obvious he loves animals. He resents that other
people eat them. Like other AR activists, he doesn't care that some
animals live and others die. His primary objection is that humans enjoy
eating them, benefit from testing on them, etc. AR activists don't love
animals so much as they really hate mankind. Their literature is filled
with misanthropy.

I would hope that wouldn't effect the integrity of his professional

Keep hoping, and the rest of us will rely on our BS detectors. PCRM is
an animal rights organization. It is not a professional organization
despite its name. Their membership is overwhemingly (95%) non-scientific
and entirely pro-AR. PCRM's work is advocacy, not scientific.