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Beach Runner
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Default It's amazing how in a Vegan group someone could hate a Doctorbecause he's a vegan

usual suspect wrote:
Beach Runner wrote:

I don't hate the man. It just seems rather convinient that his
on nutrition
condemn exactly the same foods as his opinions on ethics.

Yet they are published in peer reviewed journals, subject to the
level of criticism.

Be that as it may, his views on nutrition are not entirely mainstream
and just happen to mesh perfectly with his ethics.

He obviously is inspired.

Inspired by what or whom?

He is inspired by a vegan life style and obviously loves animals. I
would hope that wouldn't effect the integrity of his professional

It is one thing to write in popular books, how one feels, but one should
not contaminate the research. Research should be subject to critical
review, including analysis of data.

Does that mean sceptics are unwelcome?

Skepticism is always healthy and valuable.

Then why have you urged me and others to stop posting here and leave
this group for true believers like you?

I have no problem with people that are interested in the topic and want
to discuss and learn. However, there are individuals that engage in a
strange anti-social usenet behavior called trolling.

You on the other hand, since you specifically identify yourself, are a
strange bird. It would appear that your highly intelligent,
knowledgeable about nutrition and a wide range of topics. The
intelligence and knowledge is always interesting and attractive.
Sadly, that is tempered with some type of need to hurt and insult.

I have no problem discussing nutrition, vegetarianism or other issues
with people that disagree with me. Heck, my best friend for years was a
right wing DA in NYC who was somewhat to the right of Attila the Hun.
But he engaged in discussion in an honorable manner.

This is the usenet vegan forum and thus a place that vegans might hope
to meet, or people that are interested in the topic could come and
discuss the issues, their joys, their problems as related to this life