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On Tue, 1 Nov 2005, vicki nixon wrote:

i've been searching and got no where,
does anyone know how to make soft chewy fudge rather than crumbly melt in
the mouth fudge is it the recipe or the temp ?
any help would be great oh and while i'm here i tried to make caramel
flavour fudge using brown sugar but it tasted bitter any help here would be

I was watching Good Eats with Alton Brown on FoodTV last night. He did a
show on candy and included something that was supposed to be like Tootsie
Rolls(r). Go to and search for it. Maybe that is what you
are looking for.

I'm not sure why your attempt tasted bitter. Maybe if you posted your
recipe someone could explain what happened.

Generally speaking, when baking there are ingredients that do not taste
good on their own but when combined with other ingredients taste
completely different. Maybe there was something in the list of ingredients
that tastes bitter. If your recipe calls for 10 grams of bitter ingredient
and 20 grams of combining ingredient you must have the right ratio. If I
mix 10 grams of bitter ingredient and 15 grams of combining ingredient
then 2.5 grams of the bitter ingredient will have nothing to combine with
and might remain bitter.

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