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Default KitchenCraft cookware and waterless cooking

"Vox Humana" & Cyndi" <


: If one can't trust the opinions of people on the internet then
why do you
: seem so agitated when people aren't buying your claims about
the cookware?
: I take exception to your assertion that Debbie is being biased
and you are
: not. You said that the stuff was good. All we asked is why it
was good,
: why it was better than similar cookware, why one wouldn't be
better off
: using a microwave, and so on. I take it that your response is
: akin to "my dog ate my homework."
: ========

No Vox... I really don't care if people like or "buy" my opinion.
Debbie kept repeating the opinions she read... and opinions are
simply that. Opinions. I told her and others that I NO LONGER
had all of the information papers that I had from "back then".
Good grief, that was nearly 20 years ago, 2 husbands, 3 houses
and a few apartment moves ago!!

My original response was to somebody else whom I advised that
"Waterless" cookware was good, I actually use it but I would not
recommend buying it from one of those "shows" unless they just
liked spending money. There are plenty of other sellers that
sell similar units for far less money.

So no, my dog didn't eat my homework - I'm no longer in school
and didn't feel that I needed to keep it. Period. I'm not
selling it so why would I need to keep it?