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Default Seasoning teflon muffin tins?

" wrote:

Wayne wrote:

Although my muffin tins are teflon, they do stick. Is it possible to season
teflon coated muffin tins? If so, can you pls tell me how

By "season" do you mean grease and flour before adding the batter?
Then, just as any other cake pan.

Which kind of defeats the purpose of buying teflon/non-stick muffin
tins. (not only that, but repeated greasing of non-stick pans can
lead to a greasy buildup that won't come off).

AFAIK, it's not really possible to "season" a teflon pan. I've found
that muffins come out of the pan better if you let them cool not quite
all the way before trying to get them out of the tin.


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