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Default KitchenCraft cookware and waterless cooking

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: I don't mean to prolong this discussion, but Rich asked a
: question. If this stuff is so good why doesn't every cookware
: make their own version and sell it through conventional
channels? The
: question that I have yet to be answered is just another version
of Rick's
: question. I still don't understand why the "waterless"
cookware that is SS
: with various layered of aluminum and cooper sandwiched between,
is any
: different than say All-Clad or Kitchenaid cookware. Why don't
: manufactures claim that their cookware is also waterless and
will yield more
: nutritious food? So far all you have addressed is why this
stuff costs so
: much when it is sold in a multi-level marketing scheme vs. over
: internet. I accept your explanation on that matter. :I just
haven't seen
: anyone address why this stuff is any more waterless than any
other multi-ply
: SS cookware.

: ========

Ya know Vox - I dunno. I've been out of the business so long...
I do know that there are some Waterless brands out there that
were being sold in small retail stores a few years back... but
hey, "sales" is still where the money is... home demo'ing is
similar to Dot.Com... you still have companies out there fighting
to get as much as they can for as long as they can...
Unfortunately, for them, Door-to-door/home-demos is a dying
business. Perhaps some of them have contractual issues with the
manufacturers that they buy and sell from... I just don't know.

The only things I can say for sure is that the Cookware that I
bought is very similar to what I sold *way back then*, it
appears, performs as, and seems to be of high quality and I paid
way less than what I used to sell it for and less than the
current "popular" brands of cookware.

As for "I just haven't seen anyone address why this stuff is any
more waterless than any other multi-ply SS cookware." Maybe it's
a patented process? "X" number of layers encapsulated in a
certain... heck, I don't know. Once upon a time I might have
been able to answer that or be able to get the answer... but at
this point in my life, I like them, I've got them and I don't
feel the need to justify them. I know, bad attitude... LOL

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