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Default KitchenCraft cookware and waterless cooking

"Rick & Cyndi" > wrote in message
> "Rich Bednarski" > wrote in message
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> : "Rick & Cyndi" > wrote in message
> : . net...
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> : > Well... I have the distinct advantage of being a former
> salesman
> : > of Waterless cookware back in the 80s - but it was for a
> short
> : > time because I didn't like the way the way they were priced
> and I
> : > wasn't going to try to force somebody to pay for something
> that
> : > even I couldn't afford.
> :
> : You keep missing the point. If this stuff was so great why
> wouldn't a
> : reputable company manufacture and sell in in a more
> conventional manner?
> : Why, until the advent of ebay, could this cookware only be sold
> through a
> : demo/hardsell approach? If it can't stand up to the regular
> rigors of the
> : marketplace then how good can it be? If junk like Calphalon
> can be sold
> : conventionally but this stuff can't, well . . .
> :
> : And for the record, just a few months ago I was at my county
> fair and sat
> : through the demo and tasted the food. There was nothing wrong
> with the food
> : but it was nothing so special about it to change how I cook.
> :
> : Rich
> :
> : =======
> No Rich, I didn't miss the point... as I have REPEATEDLY said,
> there are SELLERS out there that DO NOT use the same marketing.
> There are sellers out there that do not have the mark ups - but
> they also don't do the demos.

I don't mean to prolong this discussion, but Rich asked a legitimate
question. If this stuff is so good why doesn't every cookware manufacture
make their own version and sell it through conventional channels? The
question that I have yet to be answered is just another version of Rick's
question. I still don't understand why the "waterless" cookware that is SS
with various layered of aluminum and cooper sandwiched between, is any
different than say All-Clad or Kitchenaid cookware. Why don't these
manufactures claim that their cookware is also waterless and will yield more
nutritious food? So far all you have addressed is why this stuff costs so
much when it is sold in a multi-level marketing scheme vs. over the
internet. I accept your explanation on that matter. I just haven't seen
anyone address why this stuff is any more waterless than any other multi-ply
SS cookware.