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Michael Pronay
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Default Hafner Kosher Wines - Organic?

"Anders TÝrneskog" wrote:

... And if you have health problems with wine, please stay away
from any wine. Hafner's (or any kosher or organically grown)
wines do contain alcohol - just like any other wine.

Alcohol? How about sulphur, tannins, flavonoids and a myriad
other organic substances possibly present in wines that may
prove unhealthy to certain individuals allergic to any of these?

Of course.

Admittedly a minuscule minority compared to those with alcohol
problems... An entirely different question is whether these so
called organically grown wines do contain less of such
potentially (for the very few unlucky people) hazardous


I have some doubts as to there being any real difference...

There's no difference, be they grown normal, organic or
produced kosher.

The only difference is for wines labelled "organic wine" in the
US: They have no sulfites added (and therefore are extremely
rare). What we call organic (or biological) wine here in Europe
must be labelled "wine made from organically grown grapes" in the