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Anders TÝrneskog
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"John Taverner" skrev i melding
Solihull Fine Wine Society October tasting.

Mainzer St Alban Kabinett, 1977, Pieroth!!!!
Brown, maderised to hell, so lacking in residual alcohol, we thought it
had to be Germanic, I suggested Falkland Islands Tete de Cuvee.

Pieroth? Are they still in business...? Yes, they seem to be, for some
reason... Certainly not the wines.

Berncastler Schlosberg Spatlese 1988
Green tinged viscous, with a complex smokey nose, yet soft with some
sweetness, long. I hadn'y a clue, only one taster mentioned Riesling!!!

The Schlossberg is singularly undistinguished... I can't remember anything
else than very ordinary wine from that location, and 17 years of hot (?)
storage doesn't help it much, I'm afraid :-)