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"Steve" wrote in message
Sleepless Andy wrote:

I'm looking for a good vegan restaurant recommend please, somewhere
with a good wine list would be preferred

There are very few vegan restaurants in London. The ones that I know of are
cafes and not too hot on wine. If you are happy with a veggie place that
does vegan, I have been to The Gate in Hammersmith and found it very good.
I believe they have a wine list. (I don't drink) Google for their website.
If you wish to push the boat out, the Dorchester in Park Lane (omnivorous)
is a fabulous place for dinner. Very swanky (5 star) - but in a nice way -
phone ahead and they will prepare a feast. We had a very good vegetarian
and vegan meal in their Grill Room. You sit on romantic two seater antique
sofas and there are lots of candles and good service. The bill will bring
tears to your eyes. They do special accommodation rates - cheaper from 11
December, for example - we stayed overnight. I thought I had died and gone
to heaven.

Otherwise has some more options.