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Charles Gifford
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Not anything in particular. Just a range of things that might be
particularly useful to someone who toys with historical recipes (he's
especially big on the medieval stuff). My dad is quite resourceful but
doesn't live in a place with a lot of gourmet cooking stores. I know
once he was complaining to me about being unable to get long
peppercorns, for example, whatever those are. Forgive my ignorance as I
am not much of a cook... but I was just wondering if there are one or
two good, reliable mail order/online ordering sources that cater a
little to historic cooking.

For a wide range of superior quality spices and herbs that are in use around
the world today, it is hard to beat

For other spices that Penzeys doesn't have your best bet is a specialty
grocer such as Asian, Middle East, African and Latin-American grocers. I
live in a large city and have all these and more, but any reasonably sized
city should have some of these. You certainly do not need a gourmet store.

To understand herbs and spices better or to find what a certain herb or
spice might be by another name, try
You can depend on Gernot completely.

Other suggestions here are also very helpful for such things, but it would
be easier to know what you need than to give you a site that would answer
your unknown questions.

From your post's construction, I would suppose you to be an American or a
Canadian. However, Penzey's ships internationally.