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Shawn Hirn
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"Rudy Valencia" > wrote:

> pltrgyst wrote:
> > On 2 Oct 2005 17:16:49 -0700, "Rudy Valencia" >
> > wrote:
> >
> > >I seem to remember at one point in my past a now-defunct buffet
> > >restaurant chain called "King's Table". Does anyone have any info on
> > >this chain, because I want to start an all-new restaurant chain under
> > >the same name, and I want to find out more before I make the go/no-go
> > >decision.

> >
> > Sounds like a thorough federal and state trademark search should be
> > your first action.
> >
> > -- Larry

> I wasn't necessarily asking for advice, just if anyone knows anything
> about that particular restaurant chain (when you miss sleep you write
> things you don't intend to write).

Google is your friend. I did a search for ...

"King's Table" restaurant

and I got back several hits, including

and a few others.

I don't know if any of these is what you had in mind, but it goes to
show you that restaurants of that name already exist. If you want to
open up a restaurant, do a trademark search before you settle on a name.