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Dee Randall
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Yum, Graham. Mine are still on the table rising. I went by the
recipe and

sprinkled organic (light brown) sugar over butter. I sprinkled some
half-way special cinnamon (from Penzy's). Mine won't all cling together
because I'm going to try to make them more separate. I think I'll brush
the tops with butter instead of, as you did, maple syrup.
It's getting a little late here, so I think they'll be ready by 10 pm.
Too late to put the coffee-pot on. I hope they will not stale-up before
breakfast. I'm still wondering if these can be put in my food-saver,
when I get it. Not these, of course, but the next ones I make.
Dee Dee

I've eaten 3 so far and the taste of maple isn't quite strong enough so
next time, I'll definitely use syrup in the dough.
Tomorrow I will prepare the same type of dough but sans sugar and make a
cheese version - my grand-daughter loves cheese buns:-) and it's her 3rd
birthday on Tuesday.

Lucky girl!
Next time I'm going to change this:
Much less yeast, and I'll cut them 1" or less. I'll put more
confectionery's icing on them, liquid: lime juice & vanilla and water.
I baked them 20 minutes convection 325F. They were plenty brown.
DH had two and I had one and put the rest in the freezer. I'll heat up a few
Sunday a.m. with a steamin' cuppa.
Dee Dee