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Matthew L. Martin
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Vox Humana wrote:
"Jumping Jack Flash" wrote in message
. ..

I am involved in the start-up of a restaurant in the Dayton-Cininnati,

If you are a professional associated with a start must
already know the answers to these questions.

If you don't.....get out of the restaurant business...right now! YOU
are about to loose your shirt, pants and jock strap in one swoop!

Bravo!!! Couldn't have said it better. I am in the Restaurant Equipment
business, and I can spot a potential failure within 5 minutes of an


meeting. The common thread is that they don't know what they're getting

Maybe you can explain something. I see lots of tiny Asian restaurants that
pop-up here and there in my area. The people who work there seem to be new
to this county based on their command of the language. Their restaurants
seem to survive while others, even big chains, come and go.

A generation or two ago, you could substitute Greek for Asian and House
of Pizza for restaurant and you would have described what happened here
in Massachusetts.

The typical case was for the patriarch to immigrate and work in a pizza
parlor owned by a relative, distant or otherwise. After a few years of
saving and sending money back to Greece, they would bring a son over and
open their own House of Pizza. Both would work day and night, sending
money back to Greece while improving their business. Another child would
come to America, work in the House of Pizza and help send more money
back to Greece.

Eventually the whole family was here. The older children worked in the
House of Pizza, the young ones went to school. As the family business
got better, they would often open a second pizza parlor. In the town of
Spencer Ma in the mid '80s I saw this whole scenario play out. At one
point the same family owned three pizza parlors in a town of 10,000 and
competed successfully with three other pizza parlors, also family owned.

In the early '90s Pizza the Hut came to town. They lasted about two
years before they had close their doors.


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