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Dee Randall
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I am involved in the start-up of a restaurant in the Dayton-Cininnati,

If you are a professional associated with a start must
already know the answers to these questions.

If you don't.....get out of the restaurant business...right now! YOU
are about to loose your shirt, pants and jock strap in one swoop!

Bravo!!! Couldn't have said it better. I am in the Restaurant Equipment
business, and I can spot a potential failure within 5 minutes of an

meeting. The common thread is that they don't know what they're getting

Maybe you can explain something. I see lots of tiny Asian restaurants
pop-up here and there in my area. The people who work there seem to be
to this county based on their command of the language. Their restaurants
seem to survive while others, even big chains, come and go. Are these
people experience restaurant operators in their native land, and then move
here with a complete set of skill and good capitalization? Is there
something in the culture that makes them successful? What surprises me
is that I live in an area that is on the fringe of Appalachia, not an area
that has a reputation for being curious or even accepting of other
I'm a bit surprised that there is a demand for Asian food, yet there is an
Asian buffet in every strip center.

I've observed what you are saying and have mused until I came up with this
answer; however misguided it may be.
There two Asian restaurants that are in our area that have been in business
for at least 13 years that I've been here. Most of the people that eat there
are really hearty eaters; they pile on there plates all manner of fried
foods and will eat almost anything that is breaded and deep fried. These
two restaurants are near an exit and both are near huge parking areas for
big trucks. I've seen other travelers who are passing thru that seem to
know about these restaurants (from overhearing their conversations - one
cannot help but hear!). One restaurant has remained consistent in its
quality and we have gone a few times over the years; but the other seemed a
bit unclean, so we stopped going there. But one of the main reason to me
that they stay in businesss is that there are a lot of people who pass thru
the doors who want lots of calories. I note that not many have the seaweed
strips (salad) or kimchee, but I get all the pink ginger slices I want
because no one else seems to take them.
Dee Dee