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Wayne Boatwright
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I found it hard to make a big container of the stuff, no matter how
much I added, it kept being just tomato juice. Finally I gave it
a bunch more Worcestershire and tabasco, threw in some onion powder
and cajun spice and la de da! Was pretty darn good. Better be, I
still have a bunch left.

I like it with V-8 juice, rather than tomato (more flavor).


Ne, too! I never buy tomato juice, only V-8.

I've heard the expression V-8 used quite a few times in the past few
weeks but can't fit it into any category which I know. Can you please
explain what it stands for? It sounds like a car engine capacity :-) I
have difficulty sometimes trying to interpret words in English even
though I am English born and bred ;-)



V-8 is a blended vegetable juice consisting primarily of tomato juice,
along with juices of carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress,
spinach, and seasonings. It is made by Campbells and the name comes from
the number of vegetable juices it contains.

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