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Vox Humana wrote on 06 Sep 2005 in

"Chuck" wrote in message
For cheesecakes I've made in past, I've always used a
flour-sugar-butter and one egg yoke dough for the crust. Keeping
spring form pan, and dough chilled, the dough could be sliced and
formed to thickness needed to go up side of pan and stay there till
filling was added.. (makes a "plain cookie" type crust..)

Today (for the first time) I'm making a graham cracker crusted
cheesecake. The recipe called for crumbs, sugar and melted butter.
Even tried chilling "dough" I couldn't get it to stick to side of
chilled or room temperature pan. I instead settled on "ramping"
crumbs up to side of pan.. I think a higher butter content would
have helped.. Any ideas?
(It's still in the oven.. so I don't know results yet..)

The crumbs don't make a dough. It looks like you figured out how to
work with it. You could add more butter if you want. I generally put
the mixture in the bottom of the pan and use a glass or mug to tamp it
down and up the sides of the pan. Of course, it won't go to the top,
just up an inch or two.

A dash of cinnamon helps the taste in a graham waffer crust.

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