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Priscilla Ballou
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I wish I could imagine a baklava that wouldn't spike, but I'm not up
to the task. ;-) I think that portion control is our friend in
this area.

Priscilla, very fond of Greek pastry

Not even sure portion control would help me there! My bgs are *soooo*
sensitive to honey! BD (before diabetes), I used to just scoop a
spoonful of honey out of the honey jar and eat it... or would munch on
the honeycomb, savoring the marvelous flavor of honey. I'd try all
sorts of different honeys beyond the basic clover - they all have
different and wonderful flavors.

The last time I tried a tsp of honey on my low-carb toast, with lots of
butter too, my bgs just absolutely soared!


Especially they come in the triangle shapes and I always have to get it
to go, and just do a bite or two. But the dang thing is really slow to
burn off even with exercising it off. I try to time it i.e. before
mowing the lawn or some other strenuous activity.

I wonder if it's the honey that is slow......

IIRC, I once investigated recipes, and the stuff it's soaked in isn't
honey. It's a sugar syrup.

"Inside every older person is a younger person -- wondering what
the hell happened." -- Cora Harvey Armstrong