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Default No- or low-sugar peach pie?

"Louise Lewis" wrote in message
I don't believe that my response initated that assumption...andit is a
wrong assumption....I believe the original poster was worried about
thickening aside fromthe sugar issue or was thinking that the loss of
sugar would effect the thickening.....I was merely addressing the issue
of lowering the sugar and then also finding other ways to absorb the
juices just in banter...

I didn't suggest that you initiated the assumption. You did expound on how
one could to this or that to compensate for the abundant juices that
resulted from reducing the sugar. I merely pointed out that I didn't think
the original assumption was valid. If there was no concern about excess
liquid then there was no need to reformulate the crust as you suggested. I
see this sort of thing happen frequently in the world of medicine. People
make an invalid assumption (no, I'm not saying they are bad or stupid .....)
then proceed to fix the imaginary problem. At best they waste their time
and at worst they create a new and sometimes serious problem. In other
words, don't fix it if it isn't broken. How can you tell if it is broken?
Simple: go to the store and purchase $2 of peaches. Make a pie with
reduced sugar. No problem - no fix needed. If the pie is too runny then
follow the suggestions that were offered, i.e.., increase the starch in the