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Mike Petro
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Gyorgy Sajo wrote:
"Mike Petro" wrote:

You have a nice budget to start with so go for sample and taster

(Very impressive list of samplers snipped)


What is your opinion about the puerh sampler set from Holy Mountain? And
generally, how is the quality of their puerhs? I have once ordered a lightly
aged (6 years old) green Menghai cake from them, and although it has a nice
taste, it is far not as impressive as the young greens which I have received
from Michael from

Thanks Gyorgy, I forgot about them, it has been a while since I visited
their site. The sampler on
looks appealing enough. They also are now selling a lot of loose leaf
and minis in 1 oz sizes. However if one is trying learn the "spectrum"
of puerh you only need 1 or 2 loose blacks/minis.

In general Holy Mountain puerhs are as advertised, although you can get
better prices from the China based vendors. Michael from
does sell good authentic puerh however I think the Jing Teashop and
Teaspring, both also based in China, have better prices once you throw
shipping into the equation. They certainly maintain their websites more