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Lewis Perin
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"samarkand" writes:

my advice is that you save your $100 for future when you are more certain of
your tastebuds and preference...

instead of buying whole pieces of tea which you might not like later, it
might be better for you to start out on samples first. Spend $20 - 30 on
samples, and then build up your repertoire from there...

Yes yes yes!

With Puerh it's very easy to build up a stock of tea that you aren't
enthusiastic about. The most typical unit is nominally 357 grams,
which is a *lot*, and it's easy to tell yourself that it's cheap for
the price, and besides, it might get better as it ages. Well, it
might, but it might not, so it's a very good idea to find out if you
really like the stuff before you buy, say, a hundred pots' worth.

Lew Perin /