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my advice is that you save your $100 for future when you are more certain of
your tastebuds and preference...

instead of buying whole pieces of tea which you might not like later, it
might be better for you to start out on samples first. Spend $20 - 30 on
samples, and then build up your repertoire from there...


"Lara Burton" wrote in message
I've been enjoying the discussion on a thread about how newbies should go
about purchasing pu er ("question for you Pu-er experts" thread--which I
created it but soon was lost in from the discussion).

So, here you go. Anyone out the if you had a friend who was
interested in learning more about pu er and they told you "_________ (fill
in the blank: Mike! Jim! SEb! etc.) Your longstanding devotion to pu er
has inspired me. I have $100 (US)--please suggest a tea or teas that I
should buy (including vendors) so that I can start experiencing pu er
(preferably over the Internet because there are no local Chinatowns)."

What would you answer?

Just wondering about responses.
one of the newbies