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Old 25-08-2005, 03:49 AM
Lara Burton
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Default newbie following newbie pu er threads

I've been enjoying the discussion on a thread about how newbies should go
about purchasing pu er ("question for you Pu-er experts" thread--which I
created it but soon was lost in from the discussion).

So, here you go. Anyone out the if you had a friend who was interested
in learning more about pu er and they told you "_________ (fill in the
blank: Mike! Jim! SEb! etc.) Your longstanding devotion to pu er has
inspired me. I have $100 (US)--please suggest a tea or teas that I should
buy (including vendors) so that I can start experiencing pu er (preferably
over the Internet because there are no local Chinatowns)."

What would you answer?

Just wondering about responses.
one of the newbies