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The scoungy board was quite cheap but as it's rarely been used I'd try to keep
it before tossing it.

I'll definately be getting the Mineral Oil as the 'new' board cost quite a few

Should I buy a 2nd one & use for meat or just use the underside of the board
(the new one, that is)?


"Cape Cod Bob" wrote in message
Wood is porous. I would give up on the moldy piece, but if you want
to try to salvage it, a swipe with very diluted bleach (1:100) would
be the minimum I would go. Vinegar can be used but it's not as sure as bleach

to kill molds.

As for your new board, wipe with Mineral Oil (available in drugstores
as a laxative), rewipe any areas that become dry within a few minutes.
Let set for 24 hours and wipe thoroughly. Cooking oils are not
recommended as they can turn rancid. Mineral oil is recommended by
all woodworking groups. Here is a situation that you should trust
wood people rather than cooks. ;-) Reapply the mineral oil only when
you see the board start to dry out.