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Beach Runner
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I'm sorry, I was looking for US News and world report which compared
cost in their matrix. Thanks for posting it. I didn't make the
connection. I'm sorry if I offended you.

Laurie wrote:

"Beach Runner" wrote in message

Im posting this for convenience of others

The Comparative Anatomy of Eating
by Milton R. Mills, M.D.

If you are going to quote from my site, please demonstrate the decency
to quote the caveat, too.

"NOTE: this author uses the term "herbivore" in the most general sense of
eating only plant material, and, unfortunately, does NOT differentiate
between the more-restrictive, more common, application of the word
"herbivore" to refer to grazing animals only; e.g. cattle, sheep, goats,
etc., which have quite special, unique adaptations necessary to eat and
properly digest only grasses and leaves, and are therefore quite different
in digestive physiology than the frugivorous (eats primarily fruit) apes, in
which classification the human species really belongs.[LF]"