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Wayne Boatwright
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On Sat 20 Aug 2005 01:15:06a, Elisa wrote in

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>> This was a harried day with an early but large lunch. By the time I
>> got away from the office the last thing I wanted was to cook or sit
>> down to a "dinner". I just wanted to sit at the PC, and relax against
>> a background of the PBS Friday night jazz broadcast. Thoughts of
>> instant snack foods filled my head, and a stop at the supermarket on
>> the way home seemed to be the answer. As I entered through the produce
>> section the pile of avocados
>> caught my eye and the fact that there were some that were actually
>> ripe
>> enough to use. I bought several, enough for a nice bowl of chunky
>> guacamole, not instant, but quick work. This store makes their own
>> fresh tortilla chips throughout the day, so a big paper bag of those
>> was definitely in order. They were still warm. I don't put tomato in
>> my quac, but I had a taste for something with tomatoes. I popped down
>> the Mexican food aisle and found a jar of black bean, corn, and tomato
>> salsa. The in-store bakery beckoned on the way to the cashier. Did I
>> have to see that fresh coconut cream pie? Not
>> Southwestern, but their pies are definitely delicious. Death by
>> snacking seems to be the course of the evening! :-)
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>> Wayne Boatwright **
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> Sounds like a perfect dinner to me Wayne!
> Elisa (who had a chicken burrito at Taco Bell at the mall with my 2
> teenagers)

It tasted pretty good, too! :-)

Wayne Boatwright **

My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four,
unless there are three other people.

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