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Default KitchenCraft cookware and waterless cooking

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> So "who" is complaining about Waterless cookware sticking?

I posted some messages where people complained about the sticking problem.
If there was something different about the cookware I might be able to give
it the benefit of the doubt. I did look at at least three website that
discussed the construction of the pans. They all were SS with anywhere from
two to five sheets of metal bonded between the inner and outer SS layers. I
don't see how that would make them any more or less waterless, oilless,
easier to clean, or less sticky than other similarly constructed cookware.
If you know please tell me. I also gave examples of how people were given
high pressure sales pitches and when they weren't satisfied the company was
unwilling to take the merchandise back. At least two of the messages that I
posted said that the handles on their cookware were always loose. One
message related how the sales pitch cited false and misleading information
about other cookware to position the waterless cookware in a better light.

You can find lots of opinions about this stuff online. Even the lower
priced ($699.00!!!!) set of Neova cookware got a bad review at Epinons --
Too expensive for the quality was the conclusion. The stuff had phenolic
handles. You can't put that under the broiler or in a very hot oven. Sure,
some people liked it. There is a tendency for people to like things once
they have plunked down $700 for some off-brand pots. No one wants to admit
to being taken. Furthermore, many people just don't do their research and
don't know that they could achieve the same thing in a far less expensive
set of cookware.

I decided to give this cookware a trial period .
I followed all the directions and cleaned and seasoned the pots according to
the directions.
It was too hard for our family anyways to get used to.
The manufactuer recommends that you cook only on low setting . My husband
did not have the patience I wasn't any better cooking took forever.
Simple things that took me usually 20 minutes to cook were now taking
between 2 and 3 hours.To us it wasn't worth it we don't have that kind of

I did not notice a big diffrence in the taste of the food either in terms of
flavor in their brochure they state that things are more flaverful and
It was a nice sized set though everything that you could possibly need and
On a postive note I did notice that when food was burned in the pots they
did clean up nice and looked as good as new.
But for the price I was disappointed I expected alot more than I recived.One
of the plastic circles on the lids broke immed after being accidently
dropped on a vinyl floor so I expected better quality for the price.

Cooking became a chore after using these pots and pans so I sent them back
they were too pricey for us anyways so that made me feel better.
I was out of the shipping and handling though after the trial period, but it
was nice to experience the product and than have the option of returning the
product if you were not satisfied how many companys offer a trial like
that.Few if any.If your curious I suggest you try the set worst case you can
return it mabey you will have a better experience than me.

The set was avaliable in one full payment or in installments with the
installments there is a $15.00 non returnable service fee they state s/h is
free to deliver and they throw in a cook book but we all know better than
that don't we.
I guess I should mention that I cooked on a electric smooth top stove.


Amount Paid (US$): 699.00