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Vox Humana
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Hi - do any experts have some guidelines on judging why bread didn't
work out.

I make bread & scones and sometimes they are perfect, sometimes too
brittle, sometimes to chewy/doughy, sometimes too dense.

I'm trying to figure out what went wrong and am looking for guidelines
such as:

if too brittle then you didn't add enough xxx ?
if too dense then you added too much xxx ?
if too doughy then you added too much/little xxx?

Is it possible to answer these questions or is this too simplistic an
approach ?

I think you would get a different set of answers depending on whether you
are dealing with yeast raised bread or scones. Furthermore, both products
are technique sensitive, so it really isn't just a matter of too much of one
ingredient. Also, its not just a matter or too much or too little, but the
quality of flour, that is, how much gluten forming protein it contains.