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Matthew L. Martin
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ken ullman wrote:
I have found Royal Oak Charcoal but they are briquettes. Is this better
than Kingsford brand of briquettes. I am having a hard time locating lump
charcoal here in Houston, TX.

Anyone who can direct me to a local supplier would be greatly appreciated.
Buying On-line gets expensive especially the cost for shipping.

When I am using briquettes, I let about 80% of the briquettes turn grey in
the chimney before dumping them into the smoker. Then I let it sit there
with the covers close, except the chimney stack, until the unit heats up to
the desire temperature.

My bbq-ing has improved thanks to all of you. I would like to continue to
improve. The taste still needs some improvement, but I am getting a nice
smoke ring and an OK bark on my brisket. The temperature I am for is around
250-275F . I smoke a 10# brisket for about 8 hours, 4 hours uncovered then I
wrap it up in aluminum foil then cook it for another 4 until the internal
temp reaches 180F.

I've never used foil while cooking bbq. When I do a brisket, I cook at
275+/-25 for as long as it takes for a fork to turn easily after being
stuck in the meat.

What are you using for wood and rubs?