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"usual suspect" wrote in message
. ..
Skanky wrote:

Also I am in the UK and was sent some that suitable for

Vegans are true believers. Kool-aid worked in Jonestown. Give them the
grape-flavored stuff.

There's that good old vegan-hater
misanthropy again.

It's humor, not misanthropy. I'm not surprised you have no sense of the
former given your rampant and ingrained personal familiarity with the

You think that when you do it, it's
humour, and when vegans do it,
it's misanthropy.

It is. Note how you and the other vegans lack compassion or humor in
your tone:

If you go and have a massive stroke, um, well,
never mind go ahead.
Skanky, 18 July 2005

Someone didn't notice the smilie.

"I always cheer any time I hear someone who is a hunter dies
in a war or plane crash or from cancer...
They should not receive any medical assistance or legal
assistance. They should be denied housing..."
exploratory, t.p.a. Oct 10 2003, 6:09 pm

"...I hope he dies or sooner rather than later, but I'd settle
for his institutionalization..."
frlpwr, t.p.a. Apr 18 2004, 4:44 pm

"...As for his current absence, I sincerely hope he finally
threw a clot. The world would be better place without him..."
frlpwr, t.p.a. Apr 17 2004, 5:43 pm

"...I live a couple of miles from an intensive turkkey rearing
factory, I know both directors of the company, I hope they die a
slow death asap, They are stinking lousy low life Yorkshire
Racist Ray Slater, Feb 12 2004, 12:45 pm a.a.e.v.

We should plaster Etter's, Dutch's and Ball's homes with PETA
and PCRM flyers so that THEY will have NO square inch to post
THEIR views and discuss topics of interest to THEM.

I hope you die slowly, and in excruciating pain from cancer or in a
house fire you worthless tramp for what you have just said. Just

animals life is worth 10 of yours. Your wife is better off where
she is,
at least she doesn't have to live with YOU. I bet she would have
committed suicide anyway rather than put up with you. Please do
like her
and choke to death.

I can hardly wait until you get your first heart attack.
I will jump for joy when you suffer and drop dead!
It will be hilarious for the medical staff to laugh at you
and tell you that they don't have to be told by YOU what to do.

Keep on eating that red meat, Dick Etter!

So you are saying I and fellow vegetarians have the legal
right to run an office the way WE want. Well, then, that is good --
because I encourage medical doctors not to help hunters and

You're all misanthropes. You lack any genuine sense of compassion for
animals and for your fellow man. The empty rhetoric about "saving
animals" is a veneer which you thnk covers your hatred of everything and
everyone, but it's so thin and shallow that everyone can see right
through it.

Waaaaah, poor baby. Can't take
verbal threats. Can dish them out
and insult greatly, but can't take a
little empty threat. Waaaaah.