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Default KitchenCraft cookware and waterless cooking

"Rick & Cyndi" > wrote in message
> "Fred" > wrote in message
> et...
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> : "Don B" > wrote in message
> : om...
> : > Hi, is anyone familiar with KitchenCraft cookware? My wife
> has put
> : > down a deposit to buy a set of this cookware that she saw
> demonstrated
> : > at our local fair. It comes with a lifetime warranty but does
> it cook
> : > any better than anything else? Is it worth the cost for what
> you get?
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> : > Don
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> : Don the problem isn't the product. It is method of sale and
> distribution.
> : I have no experience with the cookware personally but I can
> tell you that
> : the method of distribution and sale is very expensive so you
> will always pay
> : more than you would pay for a similar product sold in a more
> efficient
> : manner.
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> : Fred
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> Why THANK YOU Fred!! That is the EXACT point I was talking about
> last week... the product is great but due to the sales
> distribution the prices can be outrageous. Of course, that is
> why I had originally recommended to a different poster (over on
> r.f.c. and I think I said it to Don, as well...) that there are
> several sellers at E-Bay that sell Waterless VERY affordably.
> The reason being they don't do the demos and aren't trying to
> sell 1 set of pots and pans while collecting commissions for 5 +
> people!

The price is only one issue here. I have looked at a number of sites of
manufacturers of this stuff. It is basically multi-ply cookware like
All-Clad. There is nothing that I can see that would make it any more
waterless or oil-less than other SS cookware. In fact, nearly every person
who complains about it says that food sticks to it. That would be
consistent with trying to cook in a SS pan without any oil or water. The
way that the pans are sold is not only expensive but it relies on making
false and deceptive claims to coerce people into buying the stuff and
justify the exorbitant price. I disagree that the product isn't part of
the problem. Apparently it doesn't perform as advertised. It may be as
good as cookware that costs less and doesn't claim that it saves energy,
improves your heath, cleans better than other cookware, and can be use
without water or oil. The problem is that it is faulty with respect to the
claims made about its features and benefits. That is costs a small fortune
due to the method of distribution only adds insult to injury.