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Well that put a smile on my face, wonder were I will go for drinking coffee

"Gerry Lintonice" wrote in message
| Tea is EVIL, it's the work of the devil, made to collect your souls and
| to turn you into brainless slaves of hell.
| If you like tea, you will lose your soul to be damned
| for eternal torment in hell.Demons and devils will feast on your soul
| for all eternity.
| So stop drinking this satanic broth now to save your soul.
| Or the holy inquisition will come for you and burn your flesh to save
| your soul, because the devil must not collect more souls or nobody can
| prevent his victory at ARMAGEDDON.
| Tea is evil, drinking tea is BLASPHEMY , only heretics and witches like
| tea.And heretics and witches shall BURN !
| Tea = Drink of Satan, made by the ANTICHRIST in Hell's Kitchen !!!