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Rick & Cyndi
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Default KitchenCraft cookware and waterless cooking

"Fred" > wrote in message
: "Don B" > wrote in message
: om...
: > Hi, is anyone familiar with KitchenCraft cookware? My wife
has put
: > down a deposit to buy a set of this cookware that she saw
: > at our local fair. It comes with a lifetime warranty but does
it cook
: > any better than anything else? Is it worth the cost for what
you get?
: >

: > Don
: Don the problem isn't the product. It is method of sale and
: I have no experience with the cookware personally but I can
tell you that
: the method of distribution and sale is very expensive so you
will always pay
: more than you would pay for a similar product sold in a more
: manner.


: Fred

Why THANK YOU Fred!! That is the EXACT point I was talking about
last week... the product is great but due to the sales
distribution the prices can be outrageous. Of course, that is
why I had originally recommended to a different poster (over on
r.f.c. and I think I said it to Don, as well...) that there are
several sellers at E-Bay that sell Waterless VERY affordably.
The reason being they don't do the demos and aren't trying to
sell 1 set of pots and pans while collecting commissions for 5 +

<snipping what I just wrote to keep my blood pressure under