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Mike Avery
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Marcella Peek wrote:

Sourdough contains yeast so if she's allergic to commercial yeast
chances are she'd be allergic to the yeast in sourdough as well.

Many people who can not tolerate commercial bakers yeast can tolerate
sourdough. Commercial bakers yeast can't tolerate the acidity of a
sourdough culture.

However, there are a number of caveats here.

1. Much of what is sold under the name of sourdough is not sourdough at
all, its a yeast bread with a handful of chemicals added to give it a
fakey sour taste that is nothing like real sourdough... and would cause
problems for people with yeast sensitivities.

2. Some people (such as Rita Davenport in her book on Sourdough
Cookery) make starters with, and revive starters with commercial bakers
yeast. Further some people add bakers yeast to the dough to help it
rise a bit better. These sorts of sourdough would also cause problems.

3. Even if the sourdough is a real sourdough, that is no promise that
someone with a yeast sensitivity could tolerate it, though many can. As
I often say on my web page, you only get one body, so take care of it.
Don't try something like this until you have checked with your health
care professional.