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"usual suspect" wrote in message
. ..
Skanky wrote:
You said he called it an eating disorder. He did not. He said

people with eating disorders can hide behind a vegan diet. A far


You're right.

No, he isn't.

The thing is though,
he thinks that all vegans have it.

They do.

His quotes don't word it that way,

I believe I've written that all vegans are orthorexic.

Do you believe that you had an
eating disorder back when you
identified as vegan?

My identification was based on one of the same misconceptions you've
stubbornly refused to give up that veganism is about food. I was wrong
to have assumed that veganism could be divorced from the animal rights
part of it (which I never embraced). The two, though, are inseparable.
The difference between you and me is I admit my mistakes and learn

them while you incessantly and ridiculously repeat yours.


No, I'm correct.

For many vegans, it's
purely about food.

Liar. It's about irrational, misguided concerns for animals, usually
with a heaping hatred for one's fellow man.


Yes. You've shown this faux "compassion" when wishing others unwell

Everyone dislikes some people,
no matter what they eat. For
instance, I find your narrow
mindedness unlikeable.

The modern
definition is based on food, and
the original one based soley on
animal rights.

Liar, from your own link:

Go to the link

I did. It refutes your claim that veganism is about food.

Hello, is anyone home? The
main definition is about food
definition is about the other
stuff. Get with the times.

Vegans use as their primary motivation the concept of reducing
animal suffering.

What part of that has to do with diet? Nothing. Let's continue:

Rooted in utilitarian philosophy, as expressed
by authors such as Jeremy Bentham and Peter Singer, ethical
veganism is the belief that humans have a moral obligation to
avoid causing suffering to any other living creature. Animals
are seen to have the same inherent rights as humans to a life as
free from suffering as possible. Therefore ethical vegans not
only avoid eating meat and dairy products but also avoid the use
of any product whose production involves the suffering of
animals. Depending on one's level of commitment this can include
not using certain medicines because they are tested for safety
on animals. Some feel so strongly about it that they avoid
buying film made from gelatin and buy digital film instead.
While there continues to be a debate within the vegan community
regarding these issues, the overall goal of veganism is to
reduce animal suffering to the greatest extent possible.

It's NOT about food, Skanky, it's about animal rights.


Why do you feel the need to
reassure yourself of the views
you've already posted?

...[Vegans are] also out of touch with reality (which is one
reason why I suspect AR/veganism are symptoms of deeper mental
illness; perhaps it will one day be used diagnostically as a
syndrome capturing those who are anti-social, out of touch with
reality, and who have a peculiar eating disorder -- the latter
being orthorexia).
usual suspect: Jun 5 2004

Imbalanced people don't make balanced decisions. That's why
people become "vegans" in the first place.
usual suspect: Dec 4 2004

Veganism is a mental illness. I realize it isn't treated as
such at the moment, but it eventually will be. It's an extreme
form of orthorexia.
usual suspect: Jun 12 2004

but Usual has made it very clear
that he considers all vegans to
be 'orthorexic'.

Correct, and they are.

And as far as people take unusual attention to food, have you hear


term "Kosher"? Are they sick too? They pay special attention to



What about Italian cooks who delight in their foods? Are they



Usual himself has bragged about
being a good cook and therefore
must enjoy it. Maybe he's sick.

I am a good cook and I do enjoy cooking. I have a balanced approach,
though, about what I'll eat, etc., which distinguishes me from
orthorexics and vegans (who are all, 100%, orthorexics).

You're pretty ****ed up, Usual.

So says the clueless urban nitwit who thinks farmers will eventually

to corner the "veganic" market, which doesn't even exist.




You know I'm right, dummy.

You know that I don't believe that.
You find that hard to handle though
so you had to claim that I think you
are right. Pathetic. Why did you
snip and run? Are you unsure of
yourself? Can't take the heat?