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Dave Smith
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Clemens wrote:

I can't find vanilla sugar which is called by a recipe. I got a pure
vanilla extract, but I have no idea how many drops are equivalent to
how many grams. Please tell me, if the recipe calls for three grams
of sugar what would be the equivalent in drops of extract, to get a
taste of vannila ?

Take the cap of the vanilla extract bottle and pass it over the sugar. 3
grams of sugar is roughly 1/10 of an ounce, so I doubt that there would
be much vanilla flavour to worry about.
You can make your own vanilla sugar by cutting up a vanilla bean and
letting it sit in some sugar for a while. You can even use vanilla beans
that you have used for a cooked dish, like custard. If desperate, you
can put a drop or two of extract in a cup of sugar and shake it around
to get the flavour mixed up really well.