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There was a microbrew that put out a beer a while back with a hot chile

As Joel pointed out you are probably thinking of "Crazy Ed's Cave Creek
Chili (sic) Beer" - Uuuuhhhhhhh. Nasty stuff indeed. Their first
mistake was to put a PICKLED pepper in there, a serrano if I remember
right. I didn't think it was hot, but then again I consume stuff WAY
too spicy.

There was a restaurant near me in Dallas that made their own infused
tequilas and one time they made a habanero one. On the first visit the
margaritas made with it were awesome. The next visit - you got it -
BILE. It had just gotten so hot and astringent. Had the same thing
happen when a local brewpub made a habanero beer. Apparently they left
the habaneros in the serving tanks. It started out Ok, wasn't really my
thing, but after a couple of weeks that stuff was liquid fire. They
ended up trying to give it away and a mooching friend of mine tried
valiantly to quaff the free, but alas even he couldn't take it.

A brewpub in Denver called Wynkoop usually has a chile beer on, they
make it with additions of a kind of tea made from mild New Mexico green
chile (tastes like the Big Jim variety, sometimes generically called
"Hatch") and it imparts a definite chile and vegetal taste to the beer.
It's pretty good, and the base beer is outstanding which helps. Also
look for Rogue Chipotle Ale, it's pretty good too. Chile beers are a
nice novelty, but I wouldn't want to drink more than one at a sitting.