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Von Fourche
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Default How to Use a Pineapple in a Pina Colada?

Ok, I would like to buy a fresh pineapple to make a Pina Colada. A
tropical drink book I have says I can use the juice and the fiber from
pineapple crushed in a blender.

My question: how do I go about preparing a pineapple to crush in a
blender to use in a drink?

Do I cut the thing in half and dig out the inside of the pineapple? You
don't throw the whole pineapple including the outside of it in a blender do
you? It's the insides I need to use, right?

How do I get the juice and fiber out and in the blender? Just cut it out
and toss it in?

I've never bought a pineapple before so that's the reason for this crazy
question. I would love to make a Pina Colada using a fresh pineapple.